The Blends for Friends Story

After years as a master tea taster, blending for one of the world’s leading tea brands, I started to get frustrated with the restricted styles and flavours of tea I could use for large-scale commercial packs of tea. In an attempt to exploit my knowledge and to test my creative skills, I began to blend individual teas and herbal infusions for my friends and family based on their personalities. My creations became world famous (well, family famous at least!) and they asked me to blend for their friends so they could give a personalised gift that really meant something to the recipient. 

I soon realised most people really struggle to find a truly individual, quirky and personal gift for family or friends at Christmas, birthdays, weddings or any other occasion (does this sound familiar?). With this in mind, I wanted to provide the opportunity to purchase such a gift that could be enjoyed again and again without breaking the bank - and blendsforfriends was born!

I set about sourcing teas from the very finest estates around the world that I had only ever dreamt about using in the past.  With just a small supply from every corner of the world I can now ensure that no matter what a recipient’s personality, I am able to have a combination of quality teas to match...
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Alex Probyn